About Me

Who I Am

A Texan with a deep love of mathematics and a passion for change

At Kariakoo market in Dar es Salaam

Raised in the intricately woven and immesurably diverse city of Houston, I grew up in the shadow of the space program and the energy infrastructure which drives our world. My family comes from Bogota, Colombia, where I was born, and is full of educators with a deep passion for serving the most vulnerable populations in the Houston city school districts.

From this context comes my ethos: a dual desire to learn and to apply. An unabashed curiosity about the world and an understanding that mathematics and technology are vital tools to bring to light injustice and inequity.

I attend the University of Texas at Austin, where I study Pure Mathematics in addition to working at Innovations for Peace and Development where I get the privilage of working in a deeply interdiciplinary group dedicated to understanding the world better through a quantatative lense.

What I Do

From stunning visualization to hard hitting analysis

The thread which underlies my work is simple: ask hard questions, get concrete answers. My projects page gives this claim more creedence, and my motivation is grounded in a passion for mathematics and change.

Asking hard questions is essential, and I work collaboratively in all manor of contexts to assure that the questions being asked are the question we want answered. I work to build tools to understand the world, be it tools to mine or collect new data, or tools to visualize and communicate the relationships data can show us. I work in both in the rigor of mathematics and statistics and the complicated landscape where our questions arise from, balancing context with data to form the best possible judgements.

I want to build organizational capacity for data science wherever I am. I aim for an open and transparent data science pipeline. I strive for reproducibility and rigor in analysis. Most importantly, I am always focused on clear communication of goals, methodology, insights, and results.

Where I’ve Worked

Always learning