Juan Sebastian Lozano

Data Driven, Socially Informed

Who I am

A Texan with a deep love of mathematics and a passion for change

Approach with an unabashed curiosity about the world and the right tools to bring injustice and inequity to light.

What I do

I build everything from stunning visualizations to hard hitting analyses

The thread which underlies my work is simple: ask hard questions, get concrete answers.

How I do it

A statistical and technological toolbox ranging from theory to practice and everything in between

Using the latest technology and data science, along with the most sound research designs. All the right tools to tackle the hardest questions.


I aim to approach the world with a critical eye and unabashed curiosity, to bring the best tools, and to work to understand the indelible context.


Ubongo Kids

I was a data science intern at Ubongo Kids in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Read about my work there and some of the amazing lessons I took away.



How does civil conflict work? Can we measure how good peacekeeping is? These are the questions Data4Peace asks. Click to read about our different projects.


Remote Sensing for Social Science

Does building roads cause an increase in conflict? Do dense cities have a higher chance of protest? These are all questions which can be tackled by using data from state of the art machine learning on satellite images. Click to read how I am making it possible for this tech to be accessible to everyone.